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A Case of Tear Gas Poisoning

A case of tear gas poisoning solved with homeopathy using the Hahnemann / Boenninghausen’s approach

Chief complaint: Dyspnoea and diarrhoea after repeated exposures to tear gas.

Case background: The patient is a first-aider in the many of the protests in Hong Kong in the previous 2 months since June 2019. According the police reports, near two thousand tear gas canisters were shot during many protests, including residential and commercial districts, as well as closed areas like subway stations injuring many protesters, civilians, press, first-aiders, and medical professionals. Her previous experience of the tear gas has been mostly mild and transient with only skin and throat burning sensations, which disappeared in a few hours. However, recently it's shown that expired tear gas were deployed which is reportedly causing extra irritations with longer duration and possibly delayed onset of symptoms. This patient is one of them. She expressed some tear gas smell differently. She had not sought conventional professional medical help because the doctors (especially public ones) are often colluded with the police and would turn patients and injured civilians into suspects and get arrested. She has tried antibiotics as recommended by a nurse friend without any relief of symptoms. Civilians and local medical professionals are concerned that some tear gas may contain cyanide, through decomposition and / or combustion at high temperature.

First consult: 2019.08.xx Collated details after homeopathic anamnesis:

  1. Causation: Multiple exposure to tear gas / pepper spray (her symptomatology is consistent with those reported in the local press and medical professionals)

  2. Cough with profuse mucous accumulation, with green / yellowish expectoration out only in the morning, none expelled at other time of the day.

  3. Dyspnoea is worse when lying on the back, better lying on the side or with the head high.

  4. Diarrhoea with stool pasty, liquid-like, dark brown in colour. No blood spotted so far. Stool is often floating, and she felt that any fatty foods is not tolerated.

  5. Appetite is much diminished, almost absent.

  6. Sporadic headache in the forehead described as stitching and boring inwards a few times a day. Most typically a few minutes after rising from bed in the morning, or after lying down for a rest in the afternoon.

  7. Thirst is intense, especially craves cold drinks (which she means room temperature) at up to 3-4 litres per day. She has a habit of adding some sea salt / Himalayan salt in her water - since before the intoxication.

  8. Urine is dark and frothy, but not turbid.

  9. Skin burning / red rashes was minimal and transient and not bothering at present.

  10. Mouth tastes sour and burning, with a hot breath.

  11. Sweat is also sour, and more profuse than usual.

  12. Palms are hot to touch, while she usually has chilly hands before.

  13. Dreams of protest scenes, being pursued (by unfriendly police), and violence.

  14. Generally feeling very 'heaty'. Burning sensations from within outwards.

  15. Chronic health conditions are assumed irrelevant and omitted for privacy here.

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