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“In this search for a homoeopathic specific remedy, that is to say, in this comparison of the collective symptoms of the natural disease with the list of symptoms of known medicines, in order to find among these an artificial morbific agent corresponding by similarity to the disease to be cured, the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms (footnote 1) of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure. The more general and undefined symptoms: loss of appetite, headache, debility, restless sleep, discomfort, and so forth, demand but little attention when of that vague and indefinite character, if they cannot be more accurately described, as symptoms of such a general nature are observed in almost every disease and from almost every drug. Footnote 1: Dr. von Bonninghausen, by the publication of the characteristic symptoms of homoeopathic medicines and his repertory has rendered a great service to homoeopathy as well as Dr. J.H.G. Jahr in his handbook of principal symptoms.” ~ Samuel Hahnemann, “The Organon of Medicine” (Sixth Edition), Aphorism 153.


查考合適的順勢療劑,或曰,對照疾病症狀群已知療劑症狀列表 時,找出哪種 人工致病原 能產生出 類同 於要治癒的疾病時,宜專注於疾病中突出、獨有、不尋常、特別(獨特) 的徵象及症狀 {註一}。尋常的症狀,如食慾不振、頭痛、虛弱、失眠、不舒服等等,因為欠缺獨特性和不清晰,難以準確描述,是每個疾病、每個療劑都可以觀察得到的,不太用理會。 {註一:賓尼克遜醫生出版了順勢療劑的獨特症狀及索引書,約醫生的斑主要症狀手冊,都是對順勢療法的鉅大貢獻。}」

節錄自:赫尼曼 《醫藥原理》,第一五三節


疾病症狀群」:生病時所呈現的徵象和症狀 (相對於由療劑於人工實驗中所產生的徵象和症狀)。

已知療劑症狀列表」:於「人類藥物測試」(provings) 中,健康、敏銳者,故意服用療劑 (多次) 後,所出現的徵象和症狀,不是採用其他醫療系統中的臨床測試或動物測試。

類同」:順勢療法中,以上兩者 (疾病症狀群、療劑症狀列表)的關係,是「類同、相似」,不是「相反、對抗」。




例如:「失眠」此症狀本身,無法幫助處方。但如果,病者失眠同時腦袋亢奮、喜悅、味覺和聽覺異常敏銳,甚至感到自己有異常力量,並因太開心而引致,那就可能會適用順勢療劑中的 Coffea cruda (由阿拉伯生咖啡果酊劑製成)。參考採用 Boenninghausen’ s Therapeutic Pocket Book 分析:

  • Aggravation, Influences on Mind and Emotions, Overexcessive Joy (Happiness)

  • Hearing, Acute (Increased, painful Sensitivity)

  • Mind, Intellect, Excitement (Hyper-excitation of Intellect) {19}

  • Sensations and Complaints, Generalities, Power (Energy), Increased, sensation of

  • Taste, Fine (Increased Acuity)

Source: Therapeutic Pocketbook 1846 (in OpenRep Synopsis Pro)

Source: Therapeutic Pocketbook 1846 (in OpenRep Synopsis Pro)

並再參照 原藥典,知道此「咖啡果療劑」可以產生以下「類同」的療劑症狀,

  • Memory active, easy comprehension; increased power to think.

  • Unusual activity of mind and body.

  • Sentimental ecstasy; excited imagination.

  • Full of ideas; quick to act, no sleep on this account.

  • Hearing more acute and sensitive; music has a shrill sound.

  • Aversion to noise; it hurts him. Taste : more acute; delicate; sweetish.

  • (取自:Constantine Hering, Guiding Symptoms to Materia Medica, Coffea cruda)


相對的,如果因為過年飲飽食醉的失眠,或是憂慮前景的失眠,或是準備考戲試害怕失敗的失眠,又沒有以上相同的症狀時, 此「咖啡果」療劑就不適合了。

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