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Gary Weaver Seminar in Hong Kong


順勢醫學世界,紛亂百多年,由JT Kent, G Vithoulka,到 R Sankaran, J Scholten,每將順勢醫學「心理治療化」、「新紀元化」、「身心靈化」,又將 Hahnemann的《慢性病》中的瘴氣 (miasms) 概念曲解、騎劫,迷惑障礙視野,我們更要堅持Hahnemann & Bönninghausen 的原典原貌。

而我們在華人社會能夠有此因緣跟鑽研古典籍及臨床、教學三十多年經驗的Dr Gary Weaver 學習,實在感萬分慶幸。

特別鳴謝:如庫豐生 YuFu Abundance​ 借出綠意盎然的場地和健康茶點,為研討會增色不少。

We are so excited to have Dr Gary Weaver MD DO in Hong Kong sharing his research into the original writings and thinkings of Hahnemann and Bönninghausen, and their clinical applications in the 21st century, and they are as relevant as ever. Hahnemann, against all odds, raised the idea that miasms (taint or fault in Greek), or thousand-head monster animalcules in impure air and water, causing lots and lots of chronic diseases. This remains one of the most mis-understood and controversial theory from within the science of homeopathy. The words 'miasms' (including related psora, sycosis, and syphillis) in the homeopathic world are probably most often hi-jacked and mis-interpreted. Theory of miasm in chronic disease is not a classification of diseases into (only) three types, or stages (the itch or struggle, the suppression and overgrowths, the destruction and maliciousness, etc.) It's not about treating an inherited illness. Hahnemann used the word 'miasms' to refer to (1) the 'pathogenic animalcules' (infectious microorganisms), and / or (2) the resultant disease (process and symptomatology). Chronic diseases have been particularly challenging to treat because what's presenting here and now is often only a partial picture of the whole longer disease process. Hahnemann proposed that we should find the 'cause' of the chronic disease, and treats the much larger pathology and symptomatology in the patient. Hahnemann's model, as opposed to the conventional medicine which largely focus on the 'pathogens' (thus the anti-biotics, anti-virals, anti-fungals, etc.), Hahnemann's instruction is to deal with the 'whole disease process and symptomatology'. When Hahnemann says 'anti-miasmatic' remedy (treatment), it is about treating the whole disease process triggered by the infectious pathogen. Here, we see a more 'holistic' germ theory in homeopathy.

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