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TPB Exegesis

A research project into Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book (1846)
by Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine
in collaboration with Hong Kong Academy of Homeopathy

Aggravation, Situation and Circumstance, Wind


Rubric text in German -



1.  This requires no definition. 

2.  Compare with rubrics: Agg, wind; Agg; wind, eastern; Agg; wind, western; Agg, cold air; Agg, uncovering; Agg, head, uncovering.

3.  風繼續吹

Entries in Provings

Acon, Hn-MMP, 123, "sghs gow; asehfgloh aho;wa"

Ars, Hn-CD, 258, "sdgas  asdghflh  ,l ag weagt wat"

Nux-v, Hn-MMP, 699, "s  ihi weth; ae t h;ls ohi ; akdshg wgh;l asg".

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