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TPB Exegesis

A research project into Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book (1846)
by Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine
in collaboration with Hong Kong Academy of Homeopathy

Mind, Disposition, Insolence (Audacity, Rudeness, Cheekiness)


Gemüth und Geist, Gemüth, Dreistigkeit



[1] A courage displayed in a dangerous situation or in a social interaction. Rudeness and insolent (insulting) behavior displayed in a social interaction

Entries in Provings

Op, Hn-MMP, 620-62, 'Courage, intrepidity, magnanimity.
Feeling of courage and merriment, so that he is as if he would carry out what was required with energy, without repugnance or fear, with a peculiar feeling of voluptuousness (but lasting only a few minutes)(aft. ¼ h.).; immediately afterwards dullness in the head, &c. [Ctz.]
Intrepidity in danger. [REINEGGS, l. c.]
Opium inspires courage and resolution in one who is afraid of a surgical operation. [G. Young, l. c.]'

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