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TPB Exegesis

A research project into Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book (1846)
by Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine
in collaboration with Hong Kong Academy of Homeopathy

Mind, Disposition, Maliciousness (Wickedness, Nastiness)


Gemüth und Geist, Gemüth, Boshaftigkeit



[1] Maliciousness, A disposition to a higher degree of anger and revengefulness in the normal life. A malicious child. A malicious person, who is very easily and very violently angered. A disposition to cause harm to others, to do so even without a cause. A general disposition to harm others.

Entries in Provings

Hyos, Hn-MMP, 562, "Extreme fury: he rushes at people wih knives. [Kiernander, 1.c.] He strikes and tries to murder those he meets. [Schulze, 1.c.]"

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